My good friend & world traveler Tim Rice has circled the globe on business travel. Not only does he have exceptional taste but he knows where to find the best service for the most reasonable price.

When he returned from Egypt, he raved about the Mena House, a hotel established in 1869 that sits on 40 acres of lush gardens and most importantly has rooms with stunning views of the Pyramids in the new section of the hotel. Tim was moved by the history and culture of Egypt and having such close proximity to the Pyramids made the viewing process even more spectacular, and as I have found, awe-inspiring.

The spa which is located in the garden has an assortment of local and international treatments which offers one soothing relief after a full day of touring and touristic activities.

Egypt is truly a beautiful country full of culture, art, history, and delicious food & sweets. Recent political turmoil has made travelers a bit apprehensive about traveling there. We look forward to a time of peace so all can visit these beautiful & historic sites and take advantage of the unique culture that Egypt has to offer.