Travel affords me the opportunity to explore and to find new dining venues. There are so many interesting independent restaurants opened by young chefs that I find it wonderful to find them and relish in their creativity.

I think it is really important to support local business and the young chefs.

On a recent trip to Miami I was fortunate to discover Mignonette, a wonderful small fish and oyster restaurant that serves fantastic fresh seafood.

Mignonette is small establishment in the mid city area of downtown Miami that is off the beaten track but well worth the visit.  

We started with a fresh Boston salad with red wine vinaigrette followed by crispy skin local red snapper with the most delectable sides. We had the roasted cauliflower and the sautéed fresh artichokes.  

The red snapper was flaky, super fresh and delicious with a light sauce on the side.

The sides were as just as good with the sautéed artichokes taking my breath away.  

For dessert we had the homemade mixed berry pie with the homemade chocolate/Nutella hazelnut ice cream. The dessert was a dream, with the pie being flaky and the ice cream stunning with the Nutella junks. We had a glass of Blanc de blanc champagne to go with our dessert.

The service was wonderful and the intimate size of the restaurant away from the tourist attractions was amazing.