I was traveling for business and wanted to take clients to dinner but as usual I wanted something different to explore. I was introduced to the MISSION in old Phoenix. To begin with I adore the area that has a proliferation of small galleries shops and local restaurants. It is an area that is seeing a resurgence as for the better in my opinion as it has so much character. The area is so authentic and fun to explore.

The food is just spectacular. I was astonished that everything I tried was just brimming with different tastes. I started with table-side guacamole that was robust, chunky and super fresh. Followed by a red snapper that had a kick but just brimming with hotness but subtle in preparation. Then I had the street roasted corn that just placed my taste buds over the top. Dessert was bread pudding with a homemade gelato, caramel sauce with an infusion of surprise flavors inside the bread pudding. So happy to find this venue that I wish I had more time to return for another meal! Kudos to Chef Carter for his creative Mexican flare.