Before this global corona virus that we are experiencing together I was always looking for ways to calm my mind, work on my breathing and feed my soul.

At times it is difficult because as womwn we tend to be caretakers and caregivers to all around us. There comes a time when we have to heal ourselves first before we can heal others.

My Aunt Vida who lives in Europe introduced me to Jay Shetty a former monk and current motivational speaker that has a healing presence for me.

Jay provides podcasts, Instagram live stories and most recently a daily meditation on various social media channels at 12:30pm eastern time.

Since I am currently working from home I take my lunch break at that time to be part of this global meditation that today had over  30,000  people on it!  What a great way to bring positivity into the global realm in this dire time.

I have participated in six meditations so far and each day it is different. Jay is calming for me and to be apart of this global meditation is powerful for me. At this time when many of us are staying home, meditating together shows that we are not alone and have a global family!  

To calm the mind and to breath consiously is essential for me to be able to flow with life’s challenges. Jay shows us how to center ourselves, have gratitude and allow ones mind to have peace and positivity.

For me, having gratitude for my existence and to be of service to others is a part of my daily practice. Whether I am assisting my elderly mother, relatives or her friends it allows me to help my community. It affirms that there are those out there that need my help in order to cope during these difficult times.