Since my family resides in Monte-Carlo I am very fortunate that I get to go often and just relish the natural beauty that exists in that part of the world! I adore walking on the beach, hiking the mountains or just sitting in a café and people watching.

What I have noticed recently is that even though there is a proliferation of your 5 star dining venues a new assortment of fantastic medium priced restaurants with a great ambience have opened. More the style of bistros or eateries you find in Paris or New York but with that Monte-Carlo flair!

MOZZA is such a restaurant serving delicious Italian & Mediterranean fare coupled with an open kitchen concept and great service. The food is more family style and every item I had was fresh & tasteful. The price point is very reasonable for Monte-Carlo or any large metropolitan city.

We started with fresh mozzarella with basil, hand tossed Pizza and a festive salad. Our entrees consisted of fresh homemade pasta, fresh grilled Branzino and a delicious assortment of burgers (chicken & aged beef).

Dessert was out of this world and heavenly! We tried the homemade Tiramisu, gelato and a marvelous pistachio creation. We sent several times during my visit because I wanted to try so many different items. Mozza is hip, fun, casual and a great dining venture!