I am enamored with Mexico for its embracing culture and hospitality. On a recent cultural trip to Mexico City I was blown away by the varied and impressive local and international art that I witnessed.

So much has been written about Carlos Slim’s Museo Soumaya that it was first on my cultural list to visit. The imposing structure by Mexican architect Fernando Romero is spellbinding. The Museo Soumaya named after Carlos Slim’s late wife Soumaya is six stories tall, 151 feet with 16,000 hexagonal aluminum tiles.

Fernando Romero has created a structure that causes one to ponder, think and examine before even stepping inside. Once inside the main hall which is impressive and grand with vast marble floors showcasing Rodin’s thinker and the last mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. There is a museum store on the first floor and futuristic looking eatery.

We started at the top of the museum that meanders in a circular path were we were greeted by an extensive sky light and a European collection that features 66,000 pieces of art. The vast array of Rodin’s and European masters is staggering. As we made our way to the bottom I was amazed by the vast collection of European art as I was expecting more local Mexican & Latin American art.

The Museo Soumaya is a private museum created by Carlos Slim to be gratis for all that visit. Bringing art to the masses the way it should be. Further, it is part of a cultural non-profit institution that allows all to explore, learn and dream. Art has always played an important part in my cultural growth and the fact that the entrance fee is gratis allows everyone to partake in his vision.