My style is classic with a twist or an edge. At my age I can’t do trendy because I look like all went wrong when I got dressed in the morning. If I do attempt trendy, it will just be an accessory and nothing more.

When it comes to eyewear or sunglasses my go to are aviators. I find them to fit my style and look and an accessory that is not faddy. On a recent trip to New York I went to the Oculus at the World Trade Center as I heard that Designer Eyes had just opened a location in Manhattan and they had a varied selection of eyewear. Their selection of brands was impressive with a great customer approach where they fit the sunglasses to your eyes and make any changes required for that perfect fit.

I found the perfect pair from Victoria Beckham Eyewear. They are light, handmade and versatile with great UV protection. My shades are hip and chic but classic enough for me to feel elegant. My pair of sunglasses have a tinted brown lens which I enjoy wearing. There is nothing worse than heavy eyewear and these aviators fit like a dream!