As one ages ones “Natural Glow” is not that natural anymore. I for sure need some help especially if I have to go an event and “GOD FORBID” be photographed. Here steps in my amazing friend and make-up artist Breona Russell at MAC cosmetics.

I know that beauty is inward & eternal but at times you want your outward appearance to be “GLAM” as well! Breona is one of the kindest and patient people I know and a super talent to boot when it comes to make-up application. She takes my tired and over worked existence and spruces me back to Life! At times I have to take a double look at the mirror as I cannot believe it is really me that has been transformed. Makeup is her paint and with her brushes she turns one into a better version of one’s self. She is truly an artist as she doesn’t want to change one just bring out ones inner beauty.

Whether she is giving me a smokey eye or a bronzy glow she works her magic to make me feel better and more confident for that event. If in the DC area give Breona a try as she is a real ARTIST!