I know I must exercise to fight off stress, weight gain and to stay healthy! However, I detest getting on the treadmill and I don’t live near a beach to take peaceful walks each morning. With these limitations I found a great cardio solution for me.

The cardio equipment that I have become enamored with is the Concept 2 rower.

This rower gives me a comprehensive workout but it’s minimal impact and doesn’t strain my back or joints. I can adjust the difficulty for my work out routine. If I am rowing a shorter distance I take the intensity high and if I am doing a longer distance I bring the intensity a bit lower.

The seat is very comfortable, the foot rest is adjustable, and the handles are ergonomically designed. I can use the performance monitor to track meters rowed and calories burned.

I have steadily increased my distance and intensity and have not strained myself in the process. The concept 2 rower is easy to store as it can stand upright. I have finally found a cardio fix that works for my age and lifestyle!