Food for me is not just about eating but spending quality time with family & friends which in turn means relaxation. My work day is fast and furious so once dinner rolls around I want to slow it down and take time having my meal. I was born in the Middle East so for my family food always plays an integral part of all gatherings! When I take vacation I cherish breakfast because it signifies the time to relax and enjoy this morning ritual. Further, to kick back and have an afternoon Earl Grey tea with a pastry or a piece of dark chocolate is a true time of luxury to me. As my business life become more complicated, I crave these moment of tranquility. All this connectivity leads to needing ample downtime to recharge which always seem to include food and libations. Then there is my obsession with Dark chocolate. A good piece of dark chocolate places me in a state of NIRVANA. YESS!!! Good dark chocolate can take me there…

There are certain venues, countries, cities and places that touch me for various reasons when it comes to food! There are some places that I am obsessed with:

The outdoor terrace at the Hotel Chevre D’OR- EZE, France

The view from the terrace of this restaurant is spellbinding, I feel like I have just been transported o another era. The impressive view across the bay of Cap Ferrat is without question one of the most beautiful. To be able to have lunch on this terrace with the sun hitting my shoulders & face is when I know I am on vacation. Hard to find any fault except it is pricey. Go for a drink if you want to just relish the view!

The Cafe De Paris- Monaco

My family lives in Monaco so the Cafe de Paris is where we gather to have an afternoon café and just linger, chat and relax! A great place for people watching and a fantastic view of the casino, Hotel De Paris and all the action that is Monaco.

YOSHI- Monaco

This sushi restaurant is truly a GEM with its jewel box atmosphere, delicious sushi and sublime service. This is a place I take clients for lunch so they can view the private Japanese garden or dinner for a romantic meal. It is just SEXY!!