I learned from my Mother early on that sunscreen is a must 365 days a year. Just because the sun is not shining doesn’t mean the UV rays can’t cause damage to our facial skin. I wear a sunscreen every day and the results are noticeable in fighting premature aging. I believe in preventive care especially for those of us that travel a great deal and are faced with long hours on a plane, varying global climates and/or temperatures. When traveling extensively our skin is constantly faced with so many differing elements.

My amazing Dermatologist, Dr. Tina Alster, has reinforced to me the importance of taking care of my skin and being proactive about sunscreen. I have very sensitive skin so I can’t use any product that may irritate my skin.

I was introduced to EtlaMD, a broad spectrum SPF 41 facial sunscreen which I find to be best for my skin. I have tried other facial sunscreens but none have worked as effectively for my skincare needs but still remaining gentle.

EtlaMD is fantastic for sensitive skin like mine because it is formulated with zinc oxide, noncomedogenic, oil free, sensitivity free, fragrance free, paraben free and oil free. It is lightly tinted so it goes on smooth and easy, giving me the protection I need that my skin craves. Further, it is water resistant for forty minutes which withstands humidity and perspiration, especially important when I travel to very hot & humid continents.

I see results with EtlaMD and it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy when I apply it on my face. Further, I was hesitant about the light tint but I feel it gives my skin a smoother look. As we grow older, facial sunscreen is vital to fend off premature aging! I make sure to follow a face care regime that will allow me to grow old gracefully.