Traveling to Tunis with my family last December I smelled the luscious new scent Mon Guerlain and it was love at first sight!

A combination of sambac jasmine, carla lavender, vanilla and mandarin gives Mon Guerlain a unique scent, a bit oriental with the sandalwood but at the same time fresh and light with the jasmine and lavender.

The design of the bottle goes back to the archives at Guerlain, created in 1908. It is sturdy and heavy, and able to capture the essence of this powerful scent. It is meant more to have at one’s home or dressing table or bathroom than to travel because of the weight.

I receive many compliments when I wear this scent. I am obsessed with and relish the beautiful selection of notes that come to together to create this powerful scent. I don’t usually like scents but the jasmine and lavender diffuse the sandalwood and work very well together.