The days when I could wear 4-inch stilettos and walk all day are over! These days my go to for business meetings and travel are kitten heels. With Kitten heels I have comfort but at the same time a low heel to give me height and a professional look.

I prefer kitten heels with a bit of style because otherwise they can look matronly. My favorites are those from Rochas, Givenchy, Ganni and emerging designer Yuul Yie.

These designers use beautiful fabrics, materials, textures and finishes like delicate bows to take their kitten heels to a different level. Further, they are comfortable and feminine so I can wear them for extended periods of time and feel comfortable. These shoes give me the style I want without sacrificing comfort.

I usually try to locate them on sale and get transitional designs that I can wear through spring, summer and into early fall.