There came a point in my life that I realized I couldn’t be a victim to fashion any longer! I want to be chic and stylish, but comfort is a priority. Entry kitten heels. I have found that these types of heels give me a bit of height and the comfort I crave because I am on my feet most of the day!

I need to be professional and well-dressed especially when I am traveling for business, but I can’t wear high heels any longer. Those high heels have been put to rest.

For Fall 2018 I have found some great shoes with Kitten heels from Tom Ford. These sling backs in an array of textures are comfortable but with a funky retro feel. I adore the crystal kitten heel that brings the sling backs a bit of glam.

The ornamentation on the actual sling back is festive with sequins, crystals and bright neon colors. Even if my clothes are polished my shoes can have a bit of fun and whimsy. They are retro to me and different to what I see around me.

Fashion to me is about experimentation and having fun. These Tom Ford sling backs are just perfect to place a smile on my face during the most difficult business times!