When the first chill of fall roles in I reach for my favorite darker nail polishes! They are Bordeaux which is a deep wine red and Wicked which is a dark black red both by Essie.

Especially now in the time of self-care when I am doing most of my beauty and body care myself these two colors by Essie just place a jolt in my day. Affordable at around $9.00 a bottle and they last. They come in the regular enamel nail polish and gel version.

The Bordeaux nail color goes on like a deep red wine and flatters my skin and most skin tones I have seen it on. The nail color Wicked goes on a very dark red with almost a tint of black but works with my skin tone.

I feel both work better on shorter nails and I wear my nails shorter for hygiene reasons. Having that red hue on my nails make me feel better about myself and places a smile on my face while I am working.

Essie has an extensive variety of colors from nudes to very dark colors and glitters. Perfect for any mood one finds oneself in these days.