Like many woman my age my road to fitness has been one of love and HATE! I know deep down that I must exercise and that the exercise will assist me in alleviating so many maladies both mental & physical but trying to juggle work, family and ME time is sometimes impossible. Then twelve years ago at a dinner I meet a personal trainer named Daryl Pendleton who had just relocated to Washington, DC from South Carolina. He started training me at my home and from that point on I realized that I can in my late thirties change the way my body looks and fight the maladies that have afflicted my family. Further on a mental level I realized that I can spare time and money for myself.

Daryl’s approach is what inspires me to continue and not give up. He realizes my age, schedule limitations and health restrictions but has worked to create an exercise plan of action that I can adhere too. The key for me to exercise success is adherence. If I can’t follow the trainer and the routine is too complicated then I will just find any excuse not to exercise. Even though I hate to share Daryl’s information as I don’t want him to be overwhelmed the point of my BLOG is to recommend what I am obsessed with! I am truly OBSESSED with Daryl’s training method and his positive and supportive attitude that inspires me to continue! Certain points in your life you find a collaboration that works and this is one of them.

Daryl’s’ information is as follows:

Kamp Pendleton Personal Training
10780 Parkridge Boulevard
Reston, Virginia 20191
703.391.7388 (business)

Daryl will be contributing health & fitness posts to this BLOG.