With the New Year upon us my health & fitness resolutions are to get stronger and fit. I feel that especially being a woman of a certain age, the best investment I can make is in me. We all face juggling work, family, taking care of elderly parents and finally some time for ourselves. I sometimes feel my needs are at the end of my list!

I made a commitment last January to work out with a personal trainer. At first it was a daunting task because I had to become stronger and endure exercises that my body was not used too. I struggle to make time for exercise with my business schedule and travels but it has become a priority. On days I don’t train, I walk and try to do all my errands on foot.

Jay Morgan of Born to be Fit has helped me realize that I too can be strong and fit at my age and that age doesn’t really matter. Granted some exercises have to be modified for my body but I do my very best to keep motivated. Whether, I am conducting a dead lift, running stairs with weights or working on the TRX system I am pushing myself to excel.

In 2016 I want to get even stronger and fit. My exercise allows me to fight stress, control my weight and most importantly feel good about myself. I feel if I can’t love myself by staying strong then I can’t really love and take care of anyone else!