I just finished a 20 hour long haul flight to Asia. Traveling often on flights over 10 hours has taught me to combat the dry air on most international flights with my in flight skin care routine.  

I have lots of time so why not hydrate my skin with natural products and use my many hours of flight time as spa time. 

I purchase small packets of skin care products that I can just slip into my carry on. My routine is as follows: 

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  • I use organic cleaning wipes to take off my makeup before I sleep. The last thing I want is any makeup on my skin while I sleep.
  • I then use a natural masque and leave it on for 15-20 minutes while I watch a video or listen to music. Then wipe it off.
  • Once I have the masque off I place a moisturizer and an eye cream on my face. Since I recently had over 14 hours on my most recent flight it was a fantastic time to hydrate and moisturize.


In addition to the above steps I drink lots of water not only to combat dehydration but to fight off jet lag. I have learned that alcohol in flight not only dries my skin but doesn’t help with jet lag. 

I try to use the long hours in flight to take care of my skin because I am stuck on the plane with no where to go for an extended period. Why not use it as spa time.