I am trying to close our offices, go virtual and there is stress on top of stress. I am concerned about my team members, my family, my clients and myself.

During these times of crisis it is very difficult to remain calm and relax the mind because there is so much information being sent to me from so many different channels.

I have learned to follow a few personal remedies that help keep my mind calm and allow me to stay focused. It is not easy, but I try my best.

My go to for destressing and calming my mind and body are as follows:

  • I try to exercise outside even when gyms are closed. I take a brisk walk somewhere where there is social distancing but safe to clear my mind and the exercise gives me added energy.
  • I do exercises at home on the TRX system that I can hook on to a solid door and do strength training and mobility. No weights required just my own body weight.
  • I place a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil from Now Foods in some hot water in a bowl and steam my face and sinuses. It really helps me open my sinuses so I can breathe clearer.
  • I place cold cucumbers under my eyes and listen to some soothing music as it reduces the tension in my face and the puffiness around my eyes.
  • I try to meditate in the morning and evening to calm my mind and so breathing exercises to calm my soul.
  • I adore the masques, oils and scrubs from Farmhouse Fresh because they are natural and well-priced. The muscadine body polish is great on the body or just on the hands for some stress relief.
  • I listen to music because its great therapy for me. Some dance, jazz, classic rock or reggae to calm my verves and take me to another level.
  • I love to cook because it is therapeutic for me and appreciate the time for me to cook some Persian food. Whether some saffron marinated chicken kabab and basmati rice or some sholeh zard which is saffron and rose water infused rice pudding.
  • I take care of myself by making a honey, fresh lemon juice and ginger hot drink. Ginger is great for inflammation; honey is wonderful for the throat as is hot water. I buy the frozen Dorot ginger cubes from Trader Joes and they are wonderful as I just add them to my hot beverage. They are frozen so they last.
  • I practice gratitude even during the darkest times. I find myself thankful for life and though it is not easy at times I have learned to train myself.

I hope that everyone remains safe, healthy and in peace!