I can’t fathom the fact that summer is almost over and I haven’t even been able to take even a day off for personal reflection and relaxation! Well, I am just planning my summer escape, maybe a few days with my Family in Monte-Carlo and a few days with my sister in East Hampton. Vacation for me is being by the beach, wearing super casual clothes and relaxing.

I travel for business 24/7 globally so a large city holds no enticement for me but the beach and the beach culture just drops my heart rate and makes me forget all my woes. At the beach the sound of the waves, the fresh air and most importantly being surrounded by my family places me in a state of complete ZEN.

Enter Eugenia Kim and her stunning straw beach hats. A beach hat gives me the sun protection I need with an exotic flair. I am crazed for her personalized & customized beach hat which allows you to have your favorite name, message, lyric or phrase written in black sequins on the oversized brim. Mine will read “Please Do Not Disturb XOXO”. Once on vacation, I will be resting and relaxing with my phone shut off!