For me, sleep is imperative! Some people can go with a small amount of sleep and function but I can’t. I need my full eight hours to feel rejuvenated.

Right now with the health, emotional and financial crisis we are facing I need self love and care even more. Sleep is now paramount for me to function and I follow a routine for a good nights sleep.  

First I cleanse my face and moisturize with the fantastic products Dr. Tina Alster has selected for me. Night time is the perfect time to let the products seep into my skin.

Second I drink a large glass of room temperature with fresh lemon. The lemon water soothes my system.

Third I mediate either on my own with light music or use the app headspace. Meditation quiets my mind and let’s me deal with my busy thoughts. The breathing realigns my nervous system, calms me and allows me to sleep better.

Fourth I find my bedding to be so important for keeping my body cool and comfortable.  
I adore the mattress covers by Hollander. These covers have a cooling effect and provide support for my back. The mattress pad also has a breathe well feature that curtails any allergy issues I might have.

Fifth, when I feel overwhelmed, I place a sleep mask over my eyes. The cold natural silk places a cocoon like feature over my eyed and allows me to relax, keeping any light out.

Due to years of business travel I was on the road a great deal so these few months of home stay has allowed me to perfect my sleep routine!  

A good nights sleep allows me to be better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.