Since I am the Chief Marketing officer of Travel Document Systems which specializes in visa and passport processing, I get asked a great deal about some tips/advise in securing visas! I am usually asked about China visas as China is one of the most popular destinations for tourist and business travel.

There is no real secret in obtaining a visa(s), just specific guidelines that each traveler must follow to have a smooth visa process that will not lead to delays or possible rejections. One major point to note is that the applicant is dealing with a sovereign foreign country that has the right to deny any visa application that doesn’t meet their requirements for entry. The US follows the same international guidelines when issuing US visas for entry into the US.

Some of my tips to make the China visa process more fluid are as follows:

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  • Make sure you have six months’ validity on your passport after the completion of your trip. With less than six months’ validity, your visa application will be rejected. If you don’t have six months’ validity then you need to get your US passport renewed. When renewing your passport, you can request a larger 52 page book.
  • Make sure you have enough blank visa pages in your passport. The passport office no longer adds additional pages, thus you will need to obtain a passport renewal.
  • There are specific requirements for the photo which covers size, type and items that can’t be worn in the photo.
  • On the actual China, online visa application make sure you list your complete itinerary in China and have a cruise or flight itinerary to show each city to be visited.
  • If you work for a media related company and not traveling for media relations submit a letter with the purpose of your trip, dates of stay, your name and the fact that you are not going to partake in any media relations work. If you are traveling for media relations then you need to apply for a journalist visa. Allow additional time for processing as your application will be referred for approval.
  • If you are a former Chinese citizens you need to follow these additional requirements.
  • If applying for a visa for Minors the following items will be required. Minors under 18 must include a copy of their Birth Certificate and a photocopy of the parents’ passports or a letter of parental authorization may be requested.
  • If you are visiting your Chinese family, the following requirements will need to be meet.
  • If you are applying for an employment “Z” visa specific items will need to be submitted.
  • Please note that each Chinese Visa section in the US can have differing requirements so please check out Travel Document Systems China visa page very carefully to make sure you have the correct requirements for your state of residence before applying for your China visa.


International travel can be so rewarding if all of one’s travel documentation is in order. I have been to China numerous times for business and pleasure and there is so much to explore. Enjoy and safe Travels!