I have learned that in order to cope with the stress of business travel I need to get up early and do some exercise while traveling. I have lower back issues so siting on a plane, at a conference or in meetings for an extended period of time wreaks havoc with my back. To offset the damage that sitting causes I must exercise in order to be able to function. Exercise for me is not a luxury but a necessity!

Jay Morgan of the Urban Athletic Club https://www.urbanathletic.club/shaw has guided me in formulating a routine that will make me strong and fit while on the road. Sometimes working between 7 to 10 days straight can be overwhelming on my body and mind. When I am strong, I can tackle stress with a clearer mind.

I have various routines that I use while traveling but one that works well for me is the following:
Start off with rowing 100 to 750 meters for conditioning.

  • Use a foam roller to roll out my lower and upper back and legs.
  • Use a large rubber band that I carry with me to stretch my legs and get the kinks out.
  • Then jump rope for 50 repetitions, use a 15-pound kettle bell to do lifts for 10 repetitions and then do step up for 15 repetitions – repeat 5 times.
  • For my abs I will do a 1 minute blank hold, for my back do leg lifts for 15 repetitions and sit ups for 15 repetitions – repeat 5 times.
  • If I have time, I will finish rowing for 750 meters for some additional cardio and then roll out with a foam roller to get additional kinks out.

With any exercise routine please consult with your physician before attempting! For me, exercise has been a salvation to stress release, coping with life’s ongoing issues and give me the strength both mentally and physically to move on.