Being on the road as much as I am, I have a routine that I follow to make my travel experience more comfortable and less of a drain on my body. It is hard enough to be away from family, friends and the comfort of home so I try to make my existence on the road as stress free as possible. Please find some of my travel essentials:

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  • I make sure my Passport is valid with enough blank pages and I have a visa(s) if required for the country I am visiting. Of course I have Travel Document Systems a visa & passport service at my disposal in case I encounter any travel documentation issues.
  • I make a several photocopies of the vital page of my US passport to have on hand or take a photo with my phone of the vital page. Essential if my passport is lost or stolen. I then have the old passport information for a more efficient replacement experience at the US Embassy abroad.
  • My chargers, batteries, plugs, adapters, music, headphones and all other technical equipment are placed in a lightweight see through pouch which I carry on board at all times! I never place any of these items in my checked luggage as essential for use on the plane or in an airline lounge if need be.
  • Airline lounges are my savior during long delays which allow me the opportunity to work, relax, sleep or just chill. Loyalty to one airline can get you lounge privileges or I use Priority Pass if I am in an area of the world that my airline of choice doesn’t cover. Just to have a refuge especially after an itinerary that covers multiple countries.
  • I am not a physician but for my personal use I have packets of vitamin C, Silver Spray, Lavender oil which I place under my nose for relaxation and my organic multi-vitamin in my carry on. Of course I pack all prescription medication along with Tylenol, Alieve and a small first aid kit in my carry on as well. This allows me to have everything on hand so I don’t have to waste time trying to find any of these items overseas.
  • I drink LOTS of water and limit my alcohol consumption which I have found assists with my jet lag. I eat a light meal and reduce my intake of caffeine.
  • If I am fortunate to fly business class I try to get as much sleep as I possibly can especially if I have to attend a meeting when I land or on the same day of arrival. I put on my headphones and listen to comforting music like lounge or jazz.
  • Pack my exercise clothes and sneakers so I have no excuse not to exercise while on the road. I find exercising helps with the jet lag and the exercise gives me more energy. I know it is hard to start but we all feel better after it’s over!
  • Get some sun light as I have found it assists with my body adjusting to the new time zones. I try to get a foot reflexology or massage the day I arrive if time permits to get my blood circulating after a long flight where I have been sedentary for hours.


Good luck & safe travels! I hope my travel suggestions will assist you the manner in which they have assisted me during my global journeys.