Since I travel a great deal I have learned to streamline my packing process and carry only one tote as my carry on so that I have freedom of movement with all my personal items in one large tote.

I prefer a tote with a zipper so I can have total security with no chances that an item can be pulled out of my bag. Security is very important to me and I have learned that the less I carry the more secure I feel for any unforeseen circumstances.

Some of my favorites are my Céline totes because they are large, no logos and have a zipper for closure. The Céline totes are my go to as I look professional on a plane when traveling for business, I can head straight to a meeting because I can fit all personal and Business Documents inside and I look chic!  

I can combine style and functionality in one and find the Céline totes to be durable, withstanding any weather condition.

I am often asked what my travel packing advice is and my response is to consolidate and streamline!