I’m going to a wedding this Saturday right after returning from business travel and I am perplexed on what to wear as it is fall but feels more like summer. The wedding is black tie and very formal, so I am even more confused about my attire.

Then I remembered a vintage Naeem Khan beaded dress I have in my closet that will be perfect for the occasion. Glamorous but sleek and chic. Even though it is black tie I prefer to wear a cocktail dress as I feel more comfortable, with a length at my knee or below I feel more at ease.

I am a big fan of Naeem Khan because this designer born in Mumbai, India is a master with beading, sequins and glamour. He can take these elements that can turn gaudy quickly and give his creations a great sense of finesse and elegance.

Further, I am a big fan of slickness and these beaded creations are nothing less than total sophistication. My vintage Naeem Khan has come to my rescue!