With the summer wedding and party season upon us I think about what to wear to these events. I am always looking for a special item and one that is not too trendy that I can wear for multiple occasions for many years to come.

Naeem Khan is a master with beading, embroidery and craftsmanship. The Indian born designer’s evening wear is exquisite making me feel extraordinary when I wear his designs.

Beading, if not done properly can make one look like a Las Vegas show girl but Naeem Khan provides the bling in a refined manner. His use of lace, embroidery and cut outs makes the clothes sexy but elegant.

The craftsmanship is unique like a piece of art; I truly have cherished every piece of clothing that I own of his. At times I hate to share my little secrets but the cut of his clothes are so fantastic that I need to let everyone know that he is truly an artist. Naeem Khan creates wearable pieces of art. These are not just clothes but pieces that one can wear for years to any occasion that requires some GLAM!