With the advent of FALL I just adore beautifully rich toned colored short nails on my fingers. Enter my fashion and style icon Tom Ford with his highly pigmented and shiny nail lacquers that glide on my finger nails giving me a bit of glam and rock’n’roll at the same time. The quality of the nail lacquer is fantastic lasting through my torturous long days. I am not easy on my nails for all the traveling, typing and movement.

Whether I pick a dark cherry red, a natural skin tone or a devilish purple or grey I feel these colors add a bit of panache to my winter wardrobe. Especially when I travel for business I look at my manicured nails and they place a smile on my face.

I feel my colored nails are a great and affordable way to be fashion forward. I take my Tom Ford nail lacquer on the road with me and reapply when needed. Who says one can’t be a bit jazzy and saucy even for business!