At my age I go for quality over quantity. I buy a few well-made fashionable and elegant items a year that I can use with my existing wardrobe. I am not one for trendy as next season it is out of style and I have wasted my money on out dated items. For me style has always been finding my own voice and not going by what is “IN FASHION “ at a certain time. Trends come and go but style is everlasting.

I have been carrying Nancy Gonzalez bags for years because they are exquisitely handmade by artisans in Colombia with unique, chic and individual designs. Whether I am using a functional tote, a cross body for travel or a bright color cocktail bag I feel I can use these bags for years and still be en trend.

The artisan quality of the bags makes them very special because they are lined in suede and remind me of a bygone era where where we took pride in craftsmanship. Not the mass production we encounter these days.

I aim for my own unique style and the Nancy Gonzalez bags allow me to achieve my goal without sacrificing quality.