At this point in our live’s we are all washing our hands many times a day.

As a result my hands are dry from extensive washing even though I soak them with lotion at bedtime. I want to make sure that I wash my hands with natural ingredients because of the amount of times I wash per day!

I adore the Korres shower gels that are produced in Greece with organic actives and ingredients that are sourced from local farmers.

Korres works with over 1000 local farmers and their families to make sure the ingredients are pure and clean.

I am a big fan of the ginger lemon shower gel because it is fresh, light and soothing.

In these difficult times self care and love are important. When I wash my hands or take a shower the scent soothes and relaxes me.

Knowing these products are pure makes me feel better in this time that we all need to take extra care of our bodies.