When I was introduced to the English fashion brand Needle & Thread I was thrilled as I am constantly on the search for dresses I can wear to events that don’t break the bank!

Needle & Thread has a romantic aesthetic at an affordable price point. Their lace dresses adorned with florals in sequins and shimmering threads are stunning. These pieces are stylish yet feminine designs that are luxurious and wearable. I adore the ethereal aspect of the designs.

I am passionate about their short lengths that I can wear to a multiple of events and occasions. Since I travel a great deal I need pieces that travel well and are easy to pack. The romantic design of these pieces makes me feel confident, sexy and feminine. Comfort is key for me as if an item of clothing is uncomfortable, I just toss sit aside.

Besides the dresses, they design great beaded skirts and bomber jackets that can be dressed up or down.

Getting older is fantastic because as a woman you know exactly what you want to wear and what looks good on you. Trends can come and go but I select clothing that works for me. Needle and thread helps me accomplish this fashion goal!