My sister Sherry is a former Style Editor and has exceptional taste. As we get closer in age our tastes have become similar; she has become more Glam and over the top and I have come to appreciate great jeans and cargos with my favorite sweaters for casual wear. In my opinion casual doesn’t need to be sloppy but put together and clean.

How I dress is a reflection about how I feel about myself. Style for me is dictated by my inner feelings and not what is shown on the runway or fashion magazines. Over the years I have come to realize what my personal style is about and what looks good on my body. I have learned to be stylish and comfortable. Just because it is a trend doesn’t mean I will be wearing it.

Recently I found Nili Lotan on a walk-through in Tribeca New York with Sherry. I went into the beautifully but sparsely decorated store on Duane Street to find jeans and cargos that are comfortable and nicely fitted but have an added detail as a buckle or zippers on the bottom.

I am about fit and detail when it comes to my jeans and cargos. I love to wear them with a blazer or leather jacket for business travel with flat boots, so I am comfortable but chic with a flair.

The Nili Lotan jeans and cargos I have tried on are perfect for my lifestyle and even better when I can get them on sale. When on sale I try to stock up on my favorite styles.