With these trying time when we are staying at home juggling health, work, family and finances I feel it is important to be centered.

Scent is important to me for my health and the aura of my home. I light a diffuser with essential oils to clean the air and change the energy around my home.

One of my favorite essential oils is the eucalyptus oil by NOW. I find the eucalyptus oil to assist me with my breathing and sinuses.

The NOW oils are affordable at around six dollars and because they are highly concentrated I only need to use a small amount.

I mix my eucalyptus oil with peppermint and tangerine oils, all bought from NOW, in my diffuser to give me a relaxing but energizing scent.

You can use any diffuser that you have around the house. If my sinuses are clogged I place a few drops in hot water in a bowl and place a towel over my head to clear my sinuses.

Peace and love!