I am a big fan of organic Moroccan Argan oil which is perfect for hair, skin and even cuticles. It is pure and goes on smoothly.

I always carried a bottle of NOW organic argan oil when I used to travel a great deal for business. It provided me with a natural solution for dry skin caused by being in flight in a dry cabin for many hours and my skin adjusting to various climates at once.

Now that I am working from home I use it on my face as a natural and organic remedy to hydrate my facial skin, hands and cuticles.

In times of crisis I feel self love is much needed. With the NOW organic products I feel confident placing their argan oil on my face and body and not having to worry about any negative consequences.

Argan oil absorbs quickly into my skin, isn’t greasy and provides a natural barrier against free radicals.

The price is affordable so it is a great natural product that works wonders for my dry and very sensitive skin.

After blow drying my hair I place some argan oil on my ends to hydrate and add shine.

Peace and love.