During this time of working from home and the unknown, I try to control whatever I can and set a structured plan of self care. 

I find it a great time to take care of myself because so many factors are out of my control. 

When it comes to my facial skin I alternate between my night creams and a sweet almond oil that I find at now foods. I find applying the natural almond oil between my anti-aging creams calms my skin and allows for my heavier creams to work better. 

Almond oil has moisturizing factors that help sooth, smooth and moisturize my skin.  

It is also nourishing, easily absorbed and doesn’t clog my pores. I use the sweet almond oil on my body as well and adore it because it absorbs and is nor greasy. 

I have found that an oil is much better for my skin than a cream. The almond oil makes my skin radiant and dewey. 

A girl has to take whatever she can these days!