Being the Chief Marketing officer of Travel Document Systems and co-founder of Pinnacle Travel Documents I deal with visa and passport changes all day long!

We are living in a very complicated world where international relations good or bad can determine visa policy and changes. In recent years EVISA (electronic visas) have become very popular. These EVISAS are issued via e-mail and not stamped in a passport so the issuance is much more fluid and there is no need for a client’s passport.

Once the EVISA has been issued it can be sent via e-mail to a client. It makes the processing much more efficient, streamlined and expeditious.

Recently the country of Oman started issuing EVISAS for entry into Oman via air and sea. The EVISA is valid for 30 days from date of issue for a single-entry stay.

Once we obtain the EVISA which takes several business days to process we then e-mail the confirmation to our client. We are finding that our clients find the EVISAS more cost effective and expeditious! Plus, they don’t have to release their passports. It is a win win situation for all involved!