I am a fan of Osea products because they make my skin feel so smooth and I know they are good for my body and soul because they are  formulated with all natural ingredients.  

This family owned female business places an emphasis on ingredients derived from the sea. Bringing the nutrients and minerals of the sea to skincare and body care. 

One of my favorite skincare products is the Undaria Algae Body Oil, a mix of seaweed mixed with the essential seed oils of açaí, babassu and passion fruit. It is instant hydration for my skin. 

The body oil leaves my skin not only soft but it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and sagging skin. It makes my skin firmer plus it’s not greasy and goes on smoothly to nourish and& replenish.

Self care is so important fFor me now that we are in crisis mode. I try to do what I can to heal my body and skin.