I am getting ready to travel to multiple countries at various altitudes and climates. What to pack? I am facing temperatures from 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit so I am in a predicament! It is hard enough to pack for one country but multiple can be daunting.

I have learned over 25 years of business travel to take the essentials, pull my items and then EDIT! The less is more philosophy applies for business travel for me when I pack as I don’t need a lot of extra items. Who knows I might even pick up a few items if time permit on my travels. My tricks and suggestions area as follows:

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  • Pack items that don’t wrinkle like knits and jerseys. I adore fitted jersey tops because I can layer them with pants, skirts & jeans. Dress up my knit tops as required.
  • Always have a pair of black pants on hand. They can go casual and dressy as needed. My life savers.
  • Take a pair of dark jeans so that they can be worn with a jacket or more casual items. Make sure they have stretch. No one wants to be uncomfortable on a long haul flight.
  • Layer, layer & Layer. It is always easier to take off a layer than either be too cold or hot.
  • Keep the color palate complimentary. When I travel the palette is black, beige, grey & white. I mix & match as required. Recently I adore my beige palette as it’s sexy & chic.
  • Pack a black knee length stretch dress which can be worn with a jacket to a business event or made more glam for an evening out with the right accessories.
  • I adore my accessories as they allow me to change my look instantly, whether a pair of chandelier earrings for night, tasseled necklaces for day or wooden bangles for a casual chic looks.
  • My shoes for day need to be comfortable as I can’t be a slave to fashion but I don’t want to look matronly either! I either wear a stacked heel or a wedge. For night I take one pair of heels that I can wear with everything. I do feel the need to glam it up at night.
  • When it comes to handbags, I take one on the plane that I can use for business, pack a light cross body for touring if I have any time and one smaller statement bag for evening.
  • If I am going to a destination that is very cold and then hot like my upcoming travels I take an lighter wool overcoat and layer underneath as I don’t want a super heavy coat to log around or pack when I get to my warmer destinations.


Packing for me has become a strategy to minimize my time, make sure I have the items to be functional on the road and to be able to look professional and pulled together thousands of miles away from home. Happy traveling everyone!