Once you become a road warrior and have experienced the trial & tribulations of business travel you learn how to pack your suitcase most efficiently! Being stranded in a foreign country with no one insight to assist one teaches one to pack efficiently and carefully. The fewer pieces of luggage in your hands the easier you can navigate an airport when short of time.

Below please find my recommendations & suggestions:

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  • If you can, pack your suitcase and carry it on the plane! I have had my luggage misplaced on direct flights. This is especially vital if you need to change airports for a connection or need to connect to another mode of transportation like a train or bus in an area other than the airport.
  • If you need to check your luggage then follow the less is more philosophy. We always end up not using everything we pack so edit before you close your suitcase and ask yourself if you really need so many items!
  • In order for your suit or dress not to wrinkle, wrap them in the plastic wrap you receive from the cleaner. I have found that my clothes come out looking wrinkle free.
  • Chose a suitcase color other than BLACK. This will allow you to easily locate your suitcase and to be different than the crowd.
  • Use luggage tags that POP and that can identify your bag. Bright colors make it easier to locate your bag in the midst of all hose suitcases.
  • Do not place your passport or other travel documentation in your suitcase even if you carry it on. Your passport should be on your person at all times. Make copies of the vital pages of your passport so if your passport is lost and stolen you can replace it more expeditiously at a US Embassy abroad. If you misplace your passport contact a passport expeditor like Travel Document Systems for immediate assistance.
  • If you travel frequently then purchase smaller sizes of all your toiletries so you can have a bag of toiletries ready to go. It will allow you to be prepared for short notice trips and you don’t have to scramble.
  • I always pack an extra pair of light wool black pants in case the need arises. Black pants can go casual and business attire. Hot or cold weather. They are my go to item!
  • Pack your sneakers & gym clothes. Exercise is vital to fight jetlag and get blood flowing especially after long haul flights. I know it is hard to get motivated but a MUST.
  • Take water & snacks aboard like nuts, dried fruits and protein bars. It doesn’t matter if you are in First class or in coach. If the plane is sitting on the runway for an extended period, there is no service.