To walk into the Fendi Palazzo in Rome is like walking into a an architecture masterpiece of fashion, design and art.

The Fendi Palazzo situated on its own charming square houses the bags and accessories and the men’s wear on the first floor. A spiraling staircase takes one to the second floor where the ready to wear and workshop is located. There is also a small suite hotel on the property and a Japanese Zuma restaurant.

What make this flagship boutique so iconic is the art installations throughout the structure. From the original globe in the entrance to the furniture, they are all original works of art. The architecture is broad and stately with light streaming onto each floor. One feels like one has entered a museum of fashion rather than just a boutique.

On the first floor the ladies’ handbags are placed on the wall surrounded by metal spikes. The staircase leading to the second floor is stunning with marble and steel a piece of art rather than just a staircase.

Each section is unique with great attention to detail. I adore the workshop where you can see the seamstresses work on current custom pieces. It brings fashion into another realm where the consumer is involved in the design stage on a firsthand basis.
What I love about Rome is the integrity in design and workmanship, preserving the traditions that have been passed on through generations!