I travel a great deal for business, so I see all types of cities large and small all over the globe. What inspires me is when a community uses urban planning to their advantage and creates an environment that is multi-use and adds value to their community.

On a recent business trip to Los Angeles I met my client at the Palisades Village for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t encounter a shopping mall but an outdoor village that contains, shopping, dining, entertainment and beautiful landscaping.

Palisades Village in Pacific Palisades is near the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica, Malibu and Los Angeles. A quaint neighborhood with a laid-back southern California style. The new Palisades Village offers great dinning and retail therapy plus a green lawn to relax next to, beautiful flowers and trees spread throughout with seating strategically placed for relaxation and enjoyment. The weather in southern California is conducive to an outdoor area that can be transformed into a magical village.

We had lunch at the Draycott which was fantastic with lovely outdoor seating overlooking the green lawn. interspersed throughout the village is many dining options to fit all budgets.

When it comes to retail, there is a variety of stores from beauty, athletic wear, women’s fashion and accessories. What makes Palisades Village so pleasant is the use of the trees and flowers spread around the property because whenever you want to rest or just grab a tea or coffee you are able to do so.

The village blends in well with the existing neighborhood and is not obtrusive but adds to the charm of Pacific Palisades.