One of the worst parts of travel is when your passport is expired or doesn’t have enough validity on it to make your trip! After all the planning and excitement, you come to find that you can’t go anywhere. At that point a passport renewal becomes paramount and you need to figure out what to do in a hurry.

I am in the travel documentation business and my sister, nephew and mother have all realized a few days before departure that their passports were expired. Lucky for them I am in the business and had their passports renewed in an expedited basis.

Having an expired passport is stressful even if an expeditor takes care of the renewal because you still worry about your trip and all the effort you have put into the preparation!

I am fortunate that our two companies Travel Document Systems and Pinnacle Travel Documents have an elite team that specializes in expedited passport processing. Whether, you need a new passport, renewal or a 2nd US passport our teams can assist you with all your passport processing needs.

Further, the Passport Agencies no longer add additional pages to US passports so if you are out of pages you need to renew your passport.

My best advice is check your passport before you start planning your trip to make sure you have a valid passport with enough blank pages and validity. Most countries require you to have six months validity left on your passport after the completion of your stay in their country.

If you have a passport issue it will be more cost effective if you allow more time for the passport processing. Companies such as ours charge a higher rate for super expedited processing because it’s much more work ,so check your passport to save you time, money and stress!

Safe & enjoyable travels everyone. I know that travel opens up all new horizons for me because I adore exploring and learning about new cultures.