With wearing a face covering and/or mask, my lips are getting so dry! I wear a cloth mask that I wash and change every night but wearing lipstick causes staining.  

I adore Pat McGrath’s lip shines because I get light coverage that lasts and moisturizes my lips. They don’t stain my mask and I get the relief from dryness that I so need. The lip shines are extremely hydrating and smooth to apply. 

The trio comes in a neutral nude shade that I prefer to wear and best suits me. Further, the lip shine trio is on sale on Pat McGrath’s website which is even better in these difficult economic times. 

Pat McGrath is a renowned makeup artist that created makeup that lasts because she uses her own products on her clients on a daily basis. A female owned business that creates superior products. 

Pat realized that consumers wanted eyeshadows with high pigment and lip shines/lip sticks that lasted and hydrated the lips.  

A woman creating makeup for women. Pat understands women want great products at a great value!