On my most recent trip to Rome my family that resides there made sure that I ate very well and experienced all their food passions. One amazing find that I would have just passed by is the Pizzicheria Roma at the Pantheon in Rome. What might seem a tourist area next to the Pantheon, this shop sells all kinds of salami, prosciutto, cheeses and sandwiches is a gem!

Words can’t explain my experience as it is a museum of cured meats and cheeses with limited seating. We sat inside and ordered a large plate of cheese and meats with red wine because the ambiance is just amazing.

There are samples placed by the cured meats and this store has the most delicious crusty white pizza. Each item I tasted was more delicious than the next. The setting enhances the experience and it is so authentic with staff that have worked there for years and a family owned business.

It is the perfect spot after visiting the Pantheon to get a bottle of red wine and relax with a platter of delectable treats!