As we go through these troubling times I see a real effect on my skin. Even though I try to exercise daily, meditate and do breathing exercises there has been a toll on my skin. 

While traveling in India for business years ago I came to learn about the ancient Ayurvedic practices and how they can rebalance my body. I have had Ayurvedic massages that use my essential oils on my skin and body that have been very healing removing toxins from my body. 

With my recent skin issues I was looking for a natural skincare line and came across Pratima Skincare by Dr. Pratima Raichur

Dr. Raichur takes natural ingredients and formulates skincare that is effective but healing. Being an Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Raichur uses her eastern training to combat western stresses.  

One of my favorite everyday creams is the Alma Collagen Cream that improves elasticity, reduces fine lines and encourages collagen production. 

With all the stress we are all going through I want to practice self care and use skincare products that don’t have artificial ingredients.