I often get asked what I use to keep my facial skin moist while traveling for business when I have to endure dry air in airline cabins, long duration flights, fatigue and stress of frequent business travel. One of my secrets is to switch my skin care routine because we don’t wear the same clothes every day!

I was recently introduced to Premier Cru by Caudalie which is a serum with a dry oil base that creates a barrier on my facial skin to fight the free radicals that are ready to attack.

I apply the Premier Cru before my moisturizer in the morning as it gives my facial skin a dewy glow and doubles the effects of my moisturizer. I find this especially useful when I am traveling and face even more free radicals due to changes in environment and location. I feel like I have a moisture seal on my face when I apply the premier cru serum in the morning.

This serum is 99.5 percent natural ingredients which makes me confident that I am not applying chemicals to my skin. I feel the difference and that is what counts!