I was in Middleburg Virginia for a lunch meeting when I decided to take a walk after lunch to clear my mind and reflect a bit. As I was meandering through the quant streets as the Fall air and sun hit my face, I came across PROVENDER a garden kitchen eatery.

Located behind the charming garden shop Nature Composed the delicious smells wafting from PROVENDER led me to this unique eatery. It was then that I felt a sense of joy marveling in this local eating establishment. With a small kitchen and a soothing garden set up with wooden tables and a counter to savor the home-made fare this garden to kitchen eatery brings joy to one’s soul. A true welcome to the Middleburg culinary scene.

Business partners Ben, Jodi and Kurt are the masterminds behind PROVENDER. Jodi & Kurt were luxe wedding photographers before their restaurant foray and Ben has a history of restaurant operations. Together they have created a unique dining entity.

To have fresh produce and herbs come from a garden into ones’ freshly prepared food is delightful and to be able to sit in nature and consume the food is even more special.

I tried the winter squash tart which consists of squash, chevre, caramelized onions and pepitas. The tart melts in my mouth with a flaky puff pastry crust. The pepitas give the tart the perfect crunch. For my libation I tried the jasmine honey iced tea which has the perfect combination of tastes and refreshing. I look forward to returning for lunch or dinner when I have more time to savor and enjoy all the items on the tantalizing menu.