As a person reaches a certain age it is in my opinion imperative to exercise to keep one healthy and in a great mental zone. Exercise allows me to put aside time for myself to reflect and to get strong. As a woman, we are so busy taking care of work, family and other responsibilities that we tend to place ourselves last.

Several years ago, I met Jay Morgan of Born To Be Fit voted best personal trainer in Washington, DC and a man that understands that each person can be strong, fit and achieve their goals.

Jay inspires me to go beyond the normal, excel and keep my body fit. He understands my back issues and instead of appeasing me, he shows me what exercises to do to get my back stronger. I never thought that I could at my age train like an athlete! Whether I am running, rowing, jumping rope or handling multiple grueling exercises there is always a circuit and plan of action that builds my endurance. With each session, I have gotten stronger and better able to handle the exercises set before me. I find it a challenge to do more advanced exercises as I see my body getting stronger.

As I have gotten stronger I have been better able to handle the stress of my work and changes that my body is going through at my age. I look forward to my sessions and feel the digression when I must take time off for business travel. Our body is truly our temple and my exercise plan with Jay Morgan gives me the fuel to continue with my daily life and be better able to combat any physical and mental issues that I face. We are face daily stress and a solid exercise plan helps one build strength, endurance and combat the stress!