Using the redemption body scrub by Aesop is like immersing myself in a soothing spa treatment at home. I adore the Aesop products because they are natural and work. My favorite products are the scrubs because I feel my skin so much smoother after just one application. The combination of the finely milled pumice and aromatic botanicals puff & polish my skin to perfection.

The fresh and calming scent is relaxing and intoxicating due to the ingredients such as sage leaf, bamboo stem and pine needle. I use just a little of the redemption body scrub to exfoliate my arms, chest and elbows. The scrub is concentrated so you don’t need anymore. Aesop was founded in 1987 in Australia using the finest botanical ingredients to nourish the body and soul. Self-care is paramount to me as I face life’s daily stresses.