Lebanese born fashion designer Reem Acra is a power house when it comes to elegant fashions. There is nothing trendy here that fades with time, just beautifully made clothes that are timeless and can be worn for years.

Reem Acra is a master designer, using beading and crystals in the most sophisticated manner. Her creations are like pieces of jewelry one wears. Whether it be a gown with crystals on the back or a lace blouse with illusion, beads and crystals worn with a lace skirt, these are majestic pieces that one can admire for the beautiful craftsmanship and artistry.

The fabrics used are weighty and the craftsmanship so fine that these pieces will last. In this age of disposable fashion, that is a testament to her skills as a designer. She is female designer creating clothes for woman and she understands the needs of her clientele. She addresses the concerns we have with our body as we age and her clothes are made to fit beautifully.